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On World Voice Day, April 16th 2020 eight speakers will shed their lights on a variety of topics to reflect on finding one’s voice in a world that seems to be getting ever more complex and ambiguous.
A world where we can find ourselves vulnerable, insecure and apprehensive in view of the future.
A world where we need clarity and consistency, being expressive of our needs.

But there is more!

At the event we will show what the human voice sounds like. That beautiful, powerful instrument we are all born with. It’s this human designed instrument we use to persuade, to connect and to seduce often without knowing exactly how.

Singing together creates a solidarity, a bonding from heart to heart...

Charlotte WaardenburgSinger

So therefore we want to announce Charlotte Waardenburg, Singer.

Everything Charlotte does is connected to her voice and especially singing.

She studied Music and Theatre at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Arnhem. Already during her studies she started, together with 3 classmates, the musical cabaret group ‘Meiden van Los’.
Since 2019 she has been performing a show with mostly self written songs together with ‘Kindercabaret KLETS’.

Picture made by Jaap Reedijk

Besides that Charlotte works as an official registrar to conclude marriages. Not as a regular registrar of course but as “The singing Registrar”.
Charlotte sings solo for her wedding couples but prefer to sing together with them. She breathes that singing together creates a solidarity, a bonding from heart to heart.

Furthermore, singing is healthy!

It’s good for your lungs, helps against stress and it’s good for your mood.
#FindYourVoice #WorldVoiceDay