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On World Voice Day, April 16th 2020 eight speakers will shed their lights on a variety of topics to reflect on finding one’s voice in a world that seems to be getting ever more complex and ambiguous. A world where we can find ourselves vulnerable, insecure and apprehensive in view of the future. A world where we need clarity and consistency, being expressive of our needs.

But there is more!

At the event we will show what the human voice sounds like. That beautiful, powerful instrument we are all born with. It’s this human designed instrument we use to persuade, to connect and to seduce often without knowing exactly how.

So therefore we want to announce Bart Voogt, better known as B-Art, 24 years old from Doetinchem, the Netherlands.

Ten years ago B-Art started with beatbox which is up til today his biggest passion. Since then he won many titles like second place in World Championship Beatboxing and twice he became first in the Dutch Championship Beatboxing.

B-Art is seen as a pioneer who inspires new beatboxers, with his unique sounds, to be original as well.
Besides participating in many contests he was also asked to be a judge at many championships. For example during the national championships in the US, Canada, Russia, China, Japan, Germany, UK and Ireland.

B-Art loves giving workshops and private tutoring. It gives him a great boost to get the best out of his students. He does this by letting them experiment with their innate instrument of which they had no clue they possessed!