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Human Beatbox

On World Voice Day, April 16th 2020 eight speakers will shed their lights on a variety of topics to reflect on finding one’s voice in a world that seems to…
Anneke Brouwer
February 24, 2020

Curly Wurly and mana

Sunday afternoon at the art deco building of the Kunstmuseum, I find myself in a civilized crowd of Monet loving visitors. Unlike the huge amount of visitors, I’m not here…
Lindy Lenselink
February 11, 2020

Find my TEDx

April, 14th 2019. I watch my coachee delivering his TEDxTalk on stage of TEDxAmstelveen. For years I coach TEDxTalks speakers from all different kind of TEDxevents.  From TEDxInsead, TEDxIEMadrid to…
Anneke Brouwer
February 6, 2020

Want to join TEDxWassenaar?

10 September 2020